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Why Magazines are the Best Choice for Advertising

In the United States, the number of businesses who advertise in magazines increased 17% from 2019 to 2021.

They know that:

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Magazines out perform top tech sites (Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) in reaching women, and keeps pace with them for the population at large.


Magazines out perform other media in the ability to persuade readers to take action on ads and more readers utilize them than other mediato learn about new products.


64% of magazine readers pay attention to the ads they see and 62% act on them. Readers see magazines as trusted recommenders for many key industries.

Website Traffic

87% of those aged 18-34 took action on a magazine ad when paired with a website. 83% of those 35-54 and 74% of those 55+ did likewise.

Ad Effectiveness

Magazine readers are 49% more likely to buy products in ads than from TV and 27% more than from websites. The modest cost and increased reach increase your ad's ROI.


Magazine readers had conversations about the brands they saw 34% more than the general public. Magazine readers influence the shopping behavior of others.

Magazine Ads are a Great Return on Your Investment*


  • Magazines have readers of all ages. 88% of US adults read a magazine in the last 6 months, and 90% of those under 25 have.
  • Magazines readership is diverse. 88% of white, 89% of African-American, 90% of Asian, and 86% of Hispanic adults read magazines in the last 6 months.
  • Social media users of all ages engage with magazines, and this drives purchases especially among younger consumers. 697 million people like and follow magazines online.
  • On social, magazines are more popular than movies, apps, radio, podcasts, newspapers, and streaming video services. They are outranked only by TV and websites.
  • Magazine ads get the most attention. They are targeted and relevant and boost the effectiveness of all other marketing efforts.
  • They are the strongest driver of purchase intent than any other media.

*Statistics cited are from the 2021 Magazine Media Factbook.

Take advantage of the benefits, and watch your business grow.

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