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We are doing two HUGE FREE GIVEAWAYs in October after our fall issues drop and just in time for the Holiday season. December is both the most popular time of year for gift giving as well as getting engaged. And we’d like to invite you to participate. 

  • Lubbock’s Home and Family giveaway for gifts and services before the Holiday season.
  • Weddings by Wendy Rose giveaway so you are fresh in the minds of those who get engaged over the holidays.

Tentative dates. Giveaway: October 15 Entries received: October 8-14.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. You choose a single or a group of products or services to donate to the giveaway.
  2. People enter to receive the giveaway by giving their email address.
  3. We all share the giveaway with customers by email, social media, and/or a poster at your location that we’ll provide to you. The giveaway software enables entrants to receive bonus entries by sharing as well – we want this to go viral!
  4. Our software chooses the winners randomly.
  5. We notify you and the winner, and connect you.
  6. The winners receive their prize from you. Email, in person pick up, or snail mail will work.
  7. We will share your donation and business links to the list we collect, on the giveaway page, and on our social media.

Enter your details below and we’ll reach out via email in a few days.

PS – You might wonder why we’re doing this – how it benefits us. Our goal is to grow our email list and by extension, our circulation. We’re hoping that this results in many more sales for you this year with lots of happy customers as well! Our belief is that the only way to do business is on a win-win basis. A win for us and a win for you – and a win for our readers/your customers!

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