“Guilty of Some of the 15 Advertising Mistakes?”

when your ads succeed and become profitable

If you’re here, you’ve probably discovered that you’re among the vast majority of business owners who have made at least one mistake. Including me. Which is why I set out to learn as much as I could about how to successfully advertise and market. I’ve read an unknown number of books, spent thousands of dollars on classes, and who knows how many hours of my time.

You may not have the time, energy, or desire to do likewise.

I did that for you.

My genuine hope is that you learn from my mistakes and from all that I’ve learned. And that my experiences will save you thousands of hours and dollars.

I’ve distilled all that I’ve learned in this email mini-course. It is completely free. 

These advertising mistakes are ones that business owners like you and me make all the time. In many different types of media.

But you don’t have to. This is a case of when you know better, you do better–and you can watch the profits increase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

But, don't you sell advertising space, Alice?

Yes, I do. I bought 2 magazines because advertising in magazines is so powerful. My goal is to see businesses who are in or have customers in the 806 and beyond to flourish regardless of any economic wobbles. Advertising is an important part of that, but my magazines may not be the best fit for your business. And I’ll tell you if they aren’t. The principles that I’ll cover in the class are timeless and media agnostic, meaning, you can use the information where ever your advertising adventures take you.

So why are you offering all of this if I may never buy ad space from you?

Fundamentally, I believe that I win when my community wins. And I can’t succeed and thrive if my community isn’t succeeding and thriving. I’m an unapologetic free market capitalist, so I’m not talking about equal distribution of wealth or anything like that. But, I believe that small and local businesses are the foundation of the economy and are essential to the kind of society I want to live in. I’ll talk more about that in the class and in the emails to come. Bottom line, if you are succeeding, then that’s a win for me even if it’s indirectly.